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Our history, expertise, commitment and sterling reputation in the industry all combine to ensure that you feel secure and confident while we professionally manage your savings and investments.


Ancoria is an established global business, servicing the saving and investment needs of an extensive list of local and international clients. The Company specialises in customised and carefully designed Life Insurance policies that are underpinned by investment opportunities in a wide range of funds and structured products offered in association with highly ranked partnered institutions.

Ancoria’s history dates back to 1987 when two Swedish visionary entrepreneurs Roger Akelius and Sievert Larsson founded the Cyprus company, then called Alpha Insurance. In 1994, Alpha was renamed Akelius Insurance and formed part of the prestigious Akelius Group of Companies until 2008. Now totally independent, highly successful and with a solid background and extensive experience in the industry, the company has grown to become Ancoria Insurance Public Ltd. The company’s major shareholder is the Sievert Larsson Scholarship Foundation.

Ancoria is governed by the rules and regulations of the European Insurance legislation and it is under the supervision of the Insurance Companies Control Service of the Cyprus Ministry of Finance. Ancoria Insurance is audited by an independent actuary whose task is to ensure that the company is always able to fulfil its commitment towards its customers. Ancoria’s solvency II ratio remains over 200%, well above that required by the European Union directives.


Headquarters Nicosia, Cyprus
Year of incorporation 1987
Business Areas Life Insurance
Employees 34


Ancoria is an established Insurance Company, founded in 1987. The Company services the saving and investment requirements of an extensive list of international clients by specialising in customised and carefully designed Life Insurance Policies that are underpinned by investment opportunities in a wide range of funds, structured products and equity trading.
Customer service
Phone: +357 22 551 300
Fax: +357 22 498 592
Sweden Toll-Free Number:
0200 110 130
Ancoria Insurance
P.O. Box 23415
1683 Nicosia

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At Ancoria, we believe in investing in children and their education as they are the future of this world. We thus aim to use our strength as a company to provide opportunities to gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds.