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Ancoria 3-Year SEK Autocall 2.2% plus 4% Fund


Objective of the fund

The Fund aims to pay policyholders an annual Fixed Coupon of 2.20%, regardless of the performance of the Underlying Index, the OMX Stockholm 30 Index, as well as to offer the opportunity for an additional 4.00% Bonus Coupon per year depending on the performance of the Underlying Index as described in the particular fund conditions.

This is how it works:

For the first two years, the Fund has an early redemption feature whereby, depending on the performance of the OMX Stockholm 30 Index on each annual Autocall Observation Date, the Fund may redeem early and policyholders will receive 100% of their premium invested, a 2.20% p.a. Fixed Coupon and a 4.00% p.a. Bonus Coupon, as defined in the particular conditions.

At maturity and provided the Fund is not earlier redeemed, 100% of the premium invested (less the nominal value of any withdrawals) will be payable to policyholders unless the closing level of the Underlying Index on the Final Observation Date is at or below the Capital Protection Barrier Level. In this case the policyholder is fully exposed to the performance of the OMX Stockholm 30 Index. 

The expected payoff is illustrated in the diagram below:

The fund is suitable for the investor that:
  • has a neutral to positive outlook for the performance of the OMX Stockholm 30 Index.
  • does not expect  the OMX Stockholm 30 Index to drop by 40% or more, 3 years from the Fund Start Date.
  • aims for a regular Fixed Coupon with the opportunity to earn  an additional Bonus Coupon depending on the performance of the OMX Stockholm 30 Index.
  • is looking for an investment linked with the Swedish equity market.
  • can accept a holding period of up to 3 years.

Risk information
  • Policyholders who invest in a currency different to the currency of the Fund (SEK) will be subject to currency risk.
  • Policyholders face the possibility of losing a significant portion of the principal amount invested if at maturity the OMX Stockholm 30 Index drops 40% or more from the Fund’s start date.
  • Policyholders, who need access to all or some of their initial investment before the termination of the product, may risk receiving less than their initial investment, subject to market conditions and exit fees.
  • If the issuer and/or its guarantor (if any) defaults or becomes insolvent, the initial investment and any future coupon payments may be at risk and Policyholders could lose some or all of their initial investment.

Ancoria is an established Insurance Company, founded in 1987. The Company services the saving and investment requirements of an extensive list of international clients by specialising in customised and carefully designed Life Insurance Policies that are underpinned by investment opportunities in a wide range of funds, structured products and equity trading.
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