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Ancoria Autocall EUR China Enterprises 7.7%


Objective of the fund

Take the opportunity to receive an attractive coupon of 7.7% per year, even if the underlying index, Hang Seng China Enterprises Index (HSCEI), makes modest gains over the term of the Fund.

This is how it works:
  • The Fund has a term of five years and offers, if all conditions are met, an opportunity of a maximum coupon value of 38.5% at maturity as well as full repayment of your initial investment.
  • The Fund will be autocalled and redeemed early if, on any autocall observation date, the HSCEI is at or above the initial index level (11,437.44). At this point, you will receive a coupon of 7.7% for each year elapsed since the start of the fund, plus full repayment of your initial investment.
  • If the underlying index is at or below the barrier level (7,434.34) at the final fixing date 20/11/2018, your initial investment will be subjected to a loss.
  • Your net return on your initial investment will be the potential coupon of 7.7% per year, less the applicable management fee of 0.7% per year.


The fund is suitable for the investor that:
  • wants a Fund with a conditional capital protection and a barrier level of 65%, applicable only on the final fixing date, whilst having the opportunity of a coupon of 7.7% per year calculated on the investor's initial investment.
  • is looking for a Fund with a five-year term, and it is unlikely that the investor will need access to his/her initial investment during the next five years.
  • demands an autocallable Fund with early redemption features.
  • is comfortable with an investment linked to the HSCEI. The index represents stocks with higher market capitalisation and liquidity from mainland China and are listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  • expects a neutral to slightly positive performance of the underlying index, which the investor does not expect to fall by 35% or more by the final fixing date.

Risk information

A structured Fund is associated with certain risks that you as an investor should be aware of:

  • The Fund is issued in EUR. Any investor with a currency different to the currency of the Fund will be subject to currency risk.
  • If you need access to some or all of your initial investment before the end of the term, you may risk receiving less than your initial investment.
  • Should the Fund be redeemed early, you will have no rights to future coupon payments.
  • Under certain circumstances, a direct investment in the underlying index might produce a higher return.
  • If the issuer and/or its guarantor (if any) defaults or becomes insolvent, your initial investment and any future coupon payments may be at risk and you could lose some or all of your initial investment.
  • Full capital protection does not apply, as the redemption amount depends on the performance of the underlying index.
  • Equities on an emerging market can be associated with large price fluctuations and hence a higher risk.

All investment risk and losses of the Fund that may result from the Fund’s assets are borne by the policyholder, including the risk of default of the issuer of an instrument in which the Fund has invested. Ancoria does not in any way guarantee the performance or return that is to be generated from the Fund’s investments. Please refer to our marketing material and conditions for additional information on risk.

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