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Ancoria Interest SEK Account

The Fund cannot accept any new deposits or transfers from 13 March 2015.

All payments made to the Fund will be directed to the Money Market Fund SEK.


A fixed interest fund is a practical investment option for managing your liquid reserves with instant access. 

How it works

  • You will receive a fixed return which is provided and guaranteed by Ancoria
  • The fund invests in cash deposits with highly-ranked banking institutions in the European Union and investment grade bonds of top class issuers
  • The investment risk is borne by Ancoria
  • No lock-up period
  • Interest is credited quarterly  

The Interest SEK account is suitable for the investor who:

  • Is looking for a fixed return on a liquid investment guaranteed by Ancoria
  • ​Would like an alternative to short-term deposits
  • ​Has a short term investment horizon
  • ​Would like a cash management tool


 Interest rate

 0.20 %

Management fee

0 %

Interest payment



Ancoria is an established Insurance Company, founded in 1987. The Company services the saving and investment requirements of an extensive list of international clients by specialising in customised and carefully designed Life Insurance Policies that are underpinned by investment opportunities in a wide range of funds, structured products and equity trading.
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Ancoria Insurance
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At Ancoria, we believe in investing in children and their education as they are the future of this world. We thus aim to use our strength as a company to provide opportunities to gifted students from disadvantaged backgrounds.