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OMXS 30 6%


Objective of the fund

The fund is a structured product with the OMX Stockholm 30 as the underlying index. The fund has a five-year maturity and gives a conditional interest of 6% on capital invested payable annually on each observation date, if the official closing level of the OMXS 30 Index is above 870.88. The investment has a conditional capital protection at the level of 653.16.

This is how it works:

On each observation day, the OMXS 30 Index closing level is compared with the interest barrier; 80% of the initial index level 1088.60. If the index level is trading above its interest barrier level, then the interest will be paid out.

On the final observation day, the closing level of the underlying index is compared with the capital protection barrier; 60% of initial index level 1088.60. If the share has been trading above its capital protection barrier, then the capital invested will be paid out.

On the final observation day, if the closing level of the underlying index is traded below the capital protection barrier, then the investment will repay the invested amount less the depreciation in the index.

The fund should be considered a five-year investment. Early redemptions prior to the final redemption dates are permitted and the fund is valued monthly. The return is paid annually and is reinvested in Ancoria Fixed Income SEK Account.

The fund is suitable for the investor that:
  • Is looking for a low to medium risk investment.
  • Is looking for the possibility of a yearly high steady return of 6% on the initial capital.
  • Is unlikely to need access to capital invested over the next five years.
  • Is comfortable with an investment where the repayment of interest and capital is dependent on the performance of the OMX Stockholm 30 Index.

Risk information

All investment risk and losses of the fund that may result from the fund’s assets are borne by the policyholder, including the risk of default of the issuer of an instrument in which the fund has invested. Ancoria does not in any way guarantee the performance or return that is to be generated from the fund’s investments. Please refer to our marketing material and conditions for additional information on risk.

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